Saturday, 30 October 2010

My Hallowe'en Courgette

You've seen my (first ever) Hallowe'en Pumpkin.

HalloweenCourgette-4507 HalloweenCourgette-4509

Now, please put your hands together for my Hallowe'en Courgette!

We grow courgettes in our back garden most years and usually choose the spherical yellow ones, just because they're a bit different.

This little guy, though much smaller than most carving pumpkins, was a little long in the tooth for eating, so Pete suggested I might like to carve him à la pumpkin!

To my surprise, he was much tougher to carve than the pumpkin – his skin was really hard to pierce and saw through. So I'm glad I went for a simple design (which I chose because of his small size).

What do you think? Will it catch on? :)



Suzler said...

I like him! I carved a red pepper this year. He's tiny and demonic.

meemalee said...

That's not a simple design - that's brilliant!

I don't think I've ever seen a round courgette before.

To the Batmobile!

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

I really really wanted to see a long green carved courgette... of the traditional variety... very impressed, none the less! x

Celia said...

A spooky bat! Well done! Did you know a carving pumpkin (as opposed to one grown for eating) sells for $20 at the markets here? It's just not a big tradition in Australia, but if we could carve squash, maybe that would be different (they're cheaper!). :)

Kavey said...

Suze, I love the photos you tweeted of your demonic pepper!

Meem, thank you but we all know who gets the prize for world's best pumpkin carver EVER! :)

Dom, ha, yes I thought people might expect that - it's good to confound expectations!

Celia, try a turnip or a different gourd or squash! Am sure it would work!

Nicisme said...

Those are lovely - great carving!

Kavey said...