Sunday, 27 January 2008

My Dough Elephant from La Lotta

Our favourite local Italian restaurant, La Lotta, is practically our second home - we go there far too often. :-)

Bob, the manager, is very good with kids and often invites the younger ones to make things from a piece of pizza dough which he then cooks in the pizza oven and either lets them have or puts up on the wall above the pizza oven.

As I'm a big kid I first asked to do the same on my birthday, some years ago. I've occasionally done so again since. So when we were there with a friend recently and the restaurant was unusually empty, I decided to indulge.

I made the penguin first. It's bad I know which may be because I used a rabbit cookie-cutter, then twisted the rabbit ears and head to one side so the ears made a beak, then cut one ear off, then added wings. Not good. So I was thinking aloud what to make next when Pete threw down the elephant challenge. I think he was trying to think of something I would make an even bigger mess of but oddly enough, the elephant came out rather well. The ear sprang back to a smaller size as I stuck it onto the body making this look more like an Asian elephant than the Africa one I'd actually intended. But the body puffed up like a calzone which was rather cool and the lines I'd knifed onto the trunk are actually visible!

Rather like a proud 5 year old, I'm rather too pleased with my efforts, which now adorn the wall above the pizza oven. They replaced the lizard/gecko thing I'd made a year or so previously as the head had fallen off anyway!!!


Monday, 7 January 2008

Blue Slushy Rocks!

Taken on New YEar's Day after slurping a lovely blue slushy!

I know it's not sharp but I was holding the camera infront of my face and just guessing and probably moved during exposure!