Monday, 4 August 2008

Weekend spoils from our back garden "allotment"

Shortly after getting home from Wales on Friday we checked out our plants in garden and greenhouse. All had been kindly watered by our neighbour John. We found the first three ripe tomatoes on one of the three tomato plants in the greenhouse and ate them surrounded by that wonderful smell of tomato plants!

Every meal bar one this weekend included produce from our garden.

For Saturday lunch we had scrambled eggs on toast with finely diced raw red onion sprinkled over. Pete pulled about 3 bulbs which were all quite small but we’re hoping those we’ve left in will be much larger.
We also harvested the first two green peppers (which weighed in at 156 grams between them), roasted them with olive oil and had them with some ragu and pasta on Sunday evening.

And we had our home-grown spuds with our dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings. These were Red Duke of York variety.

The yield from 12 or 13 Red Duke of York plants was only 6.5 kilos in total which is a bit disappointing compared to the yield from last year’s Edzell Blues (which we’ve also enjoyed some of this year having some rogue plants pop up from tubers we obviously failed to harvest last year) although a few of the individual potatoes were much larger. I am hoping for more from our main crop which are still in the ground.

The sweetcorn had finally had a growth spurt and is finally showing the tufty flower bits at the top that mean cobs are being created. Judging from the foliage the carrots are growing well too. Leeks are looking great. Oh and my chocolate peppermint plant is doing well too. I took some cuttings from it just before we left for Wales and shoved them directly into the soil in small windowsill pots. They have taken root and tripled in size so I’d better find a recipe for mint sauce ASAP!