Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chocri: Design Your Own (& Competition)

Do you ever think about what you'd add to chocolate if you were in charge?

Forget your boring mainstream fruit and nut – how about sour cherries, banana chips, orange pepper, wasabi peanuts, volcano cashews, gummy bears, rice crispies, silver pearls, candied lilac petals, ground coffee beans and salt pretzels to name just a few of the ingredients you can add to your bars when you order from Chocri.

Launched in Germany in 2008, Chocri grew out of co-owner Franz' search for an ideal birthday gift for his girlfriend. Unable to find what he wanted, he took the home-made approach and topped a chocolate bar with her favourite toppings. Friends and family asked him to make them some customised bars too and before too long, Franz and friend Michael turned a delicious hobby into a proper business. After great success in Germany, they have now expanded into The UK and the United States.

All their chocolate is Fair Trade and they also sponsor DIV Kinder, a welfare organisation that seeks to improve the living conditions in cocoa producing communities in the Ivory Coast.

When a member of the Chocri team wrote to ask me if I'd like to try them out I had a good look at their website before responding. And when I realised I had lost almost an hour without noticing, absorbed in designing my own perfect combinations, I rushed to accept!

Chocri Fig Walnut MEadow Chocri Rose Almond Gold

I created two bars. My first was a milk chocolate bar with figs, walnuts and a flower petal mix. The second was dark chocolate with roasted almonds, candied rose petals and real gold flakes.

Chocri-6283 Chocri-6286 Chocri-6287

It didn't take long for my bars to arrive!

I love how my customised names are clearly displayed at the top and the generous window through which my masterpieces are visible.

Chocri-6288 Chocri-6289 Chocri-6293 Chocri-6296

And, having had a taste, masterpiece is definitely the right word to use – even if I say so myself!

You too can be the master of your own Chocri creation:

I have a voucher worth £10 (+ free shipping) for one lucky reader – this will allow you to create two gorgeous bars of your own. The voucher is valid until the 31/12/10 and the free shipping is for UK addresses only.

To enter, leave a comment telling me what you'd put into one of your masterpiece bars and what you'd call it.

The deadline is midnight (GMT) Saturday 23 October and I'll pick a winner from all the (hopefully lovely) ideas then!

One entry per person. Please include an email address so I can contact you if you win.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Hey, I got to try these bars too :). I'll show mine in my next post (for some reason i was supposed to get 2 but there was only 1 delivered).
I love the way you've designed your bars, very pretty.
*kisses* HH

Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours said...

I am obsessed with salt chcocolate at the moment. But the washabi peanuts do sound rather good!

Suelle said...

My bar would be dark chocolate and contain ginger, dates, mango, macadamia nuts and cocoa nibs (chosen from what is available at Chocri). I'd call it Tropical Temptation.


Jo said...

I would have to have milk chocolate with chilli and gold flakes just for a bit of glam! I would call it Red & Gold

emily said...

I'd have a bar of dark chocolate with peanut butter, salted pretzels, sea salt and ground coffee. I'd call it 'All the things I shouldn't have'.



Lisa said...

I spent far too long playing on that site.

Mine would be for hubby, called Tex's Munchies.
Dark chocolate, cinnamon and apple pieces for the bar, topped with cinnamon cornflakes and pretzels. (I dallied with the mini biscuits but thought that was too much...)

For me, well, I never got that far. I was playing for too long and then had to go back to work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kavey ,
love your reviews,read a few,
am keen on winning the competition so here goes
Chocolate with mango,chilli and rose petals.
and Chocolate with cardamom,gold and crackling candy.

Anonymous said...

Milk and white chocolate base, with candied rose petals, sour cherries and basil and I'd name it 'Petal Pick-Me Up' cos both chocolate and basil are definitely mood lifters for me!

This chocolatier is quite a find...

Interval Drinks said...

That site is superb. I'd choose peanuts, peanut butter drops and salted pretzels and call it Salt and Sweet...


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I couldn't resist visiting the site. I think I'd go for dark choc with pine nuts, fleur de sel and definitely gold flakes.

sarah dot e dot moore at gmail dot com

Ino said...
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Jenny Eatwell said...

My first bar would be with hubby in mind and it'd be Dark chocolate with sour cherries, cinnamon, cappucino drops & ground coffee beans. I'd call it "Wake up & smell the coffee".

My second bar would be for me. It'd have Milk chocolate, with cranberries, rose petals, pistachios, marzipan roses and gold & silver stars. I'd call it "Irresistible". :)

Ino said...

Oh wow, I see how you spent so long on that website! I would go for the autumn-y combination of pear, cinnamon, vanilla and caramel chocolate drops. Like a spiced pear tart tatin on a dark chocolate bar. Yum.

LadySG said...

Oooh how much fun is this!

Creation 1 would be PBP Perfection: dark chocolate with Pineapple, Basil and Pistachio, some gold leaf flakes to decorate...how stylish

and for Creation 2 (because I am just
and wanted to celebrate the forthcoming festive season

Breakfast for Meeeeee
Dark choc with Bourbon Vanilla, Bacon and Pear Bits!

I'm really, really tempted by those and I'm not even a big chocolate fan lol.

Trinkles said...

Droooooling! Mine would be with Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Chili and Gummy Bears.

It would be called Bears Playing in Hot Fruit haha

email: cupcakee22@gmail.com

paul said...

My topping would be cinder toffee and chilli flakes - call it a hot crunchie :)