Friday, 19 September 2008

Mini Restaurant Review: Ten Ten Tei, Brewer Street, London

Last night a friend and I went to Ten Ten Tei for dinner. What a fantastic find! My friend had googled for Japanese restaurants that did more than sushi as I'd said I loved sashimi and tempura but wasn't a fan of sushi. He'd stumbled on a listing suggesting that TTT offered the best Japanese food in London. I'd have to agree!

We ordered a mixed plate of sashimi, prawn tempura, some side orders of grilled aubergine with soya bean paste, grilled smelt, deep fried lemon sole, chicken yakitori, gyoza and a dish of pork and ginger and washed it all down with green tea plus some warm saki for my friend.

The food was absolutely fantastic, though the manager seemed amused at how much we ordered. The bill, including that saki and service was £53 between us.

Fantastic, fantastic place!