Monday, 25 October 2010

Chocri Winner!

The winner of my recent Chocri competition is Suelle for her suggestion of "Tropical Temptation", a dark chocolate bar with ginger, dates, mango, macadamia nuts and cocoa nibs.

Sounds delicious to me!

Suelle, I have emailed you with a voucher code, enjoy your creations!


Suelle said...

Wow! Thanks Kavey - this will be a real treat to look forward to.

Kavey said...

You are welcome, Suelle, enjoy! x

Suelle said...

Just to let you know what I chose.

As it's her birthday soon, I let my daughter pick the first bar. She chose a very classy dark chocolate, raspberry, blueberry and real gold combination, and I went with dark chocolate topped with sour cherries, pistachios, ginger and cocoa nibs.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough money on the voucher to see how my competition winning suggestion would turn out, once I'd given my daughter a bar!

I'm hoping I can keep the bar until Christmas, so can't comment on the flavour yet.

Thanks once again!

Kavey said...

Yes, I just saw your blog post on it - my brain hadn't connected your user name with your blog - I'm a bit senile at keeping track of real names and blog names etc.

Lovely to have given a bar to your daughter as a gift, hope she loves it. And your alternate selection for your own bar sounds wonderful too!