Thursday, 5 January 2012

Recent Competition Winners

We've run several competitions over the last couple of months. Here are the winners, for those who like to know…

Time Out Restaurant Guides

Ute (
Alex (Eating Soho)

Demarquette Chocolates

Laura (texasonthames)

Stew! by Genevieve Taylor

@ashlallan (Mummy 24)

Green & Blacks Gifts

1) Nursey (@maxineflossy)
2) @frommyplate
3) @sushi_junki

Dishoom Christmas Feast

Deepa (lazygiraffe)

Hotel Chocolat Gifts

1) David Patrick
2) Natalie Newham
3) Debs DKC

Bath Ales Festivity Hamper


Well done, all!

1 comment:

David Patrick said...

I must say that those Hotel Chocolat gifts were very tasty indeed, and earned me some serious brownie points when I turned up at Mum & Dads on Christmas Eve! :-D

Thanks again, and looking forward to more in 2012