Thursday, 26 January 2012

Baby Tangerines, Preserving Cuteness!

When I was sixteen I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

My best friend's mum gave me a brown paper bag of clementines as a 'get well soon' gesture. They were the tiniest clementines I'd ever seen, little more than an inch in diameter. I loved these adorable miniature citrus fruits and have always bought them whenever I've come across them since, which hasn't been often…


But I looked for them last winter, and again over the last few months, and couldn't find them anywhere. Worse still, more than one fruit stall vendor looked at me like I was asking for oranges grown on Mars! Occasional sightings by friends (in non-local shops) convinced me I wasn't going crazy.


Finally, I found these baby tangerines in my local Waitrose and had to put them in my basket. (I didn't have a choice, they were calling to me, "Eat me, Kavey, eat me!" they squeaked).

I candied them, using the same recipe I first tried for Christmas day, and made again a few days later.

No alcohol this time, just sugar, water and the little oranges. Delicious!


These oranges are so cute, I can't resist sharing photos, even though I blogged the recipe so recently.


Rachel Lucie Johns said...

Almost too cute to eat....almost.... :)

Mamta said...

You got 6 into those small jars!! They look so lovely, definitely too cute to as Rachel said above. What were they like fresh?

Michelle said...

I've never seen these. The 20p really gives a clue how small they are!

Daily Spud said...

What cuteness! No wonder they squeaked 'eat me' to you - they would have done the same to me :) x

Kavey said...

Haa, yes almost too cute to eat but not quite!

Mum, they were like normal size ones but sweeter!

Michelle, it's a 50 pence coin, so they're a touch larger than you thought!

Aoife, I thought of you as I wrote that!!!!!

Reena said...

Oooh - I'm getting these in my Ocado order tomorrow. I can't wait! I'll probably eat half of them and preserve the other half - if I have enough will power.

Cornflower Kitchen said...

Love these so much! Just got some from Waitrose too to use for a Confit duck and tiny tangerine salad :)