Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Late April in the Kitchen Garden

On the last Sunday in April, the sun was shining, it felt like summer had come early, and Pete did mammoth amounts in the garden. And we oohed and aahed over new growth!


The raspberry canes were showing good growth with lovely bright foliage.


Previously, we'd planted our early crop seed potatoes in trenches. These were just starting to push through the soil.

Garden25-4-10-1382 Garden25-4-10-1409
Garden25-4-10-1407 Garden25-4-10-1410

Our savoy cabbages never really hearted up during the winter so we left them in. Most bolted, like these, into tall, willowy cabbage "trees" with pretty, flowery heads.

I harvested the leaves from the stems from several of them (a week or two previously) and chopped and froze them for later use. But the freezer is now full so these ones become fodder for the compost bin.

Apart from one exception, which somehow managed to heart up. And we enjoyed him fresh, chopped and boiled as a very simple side dish.

Garden25-4-10-1428 Garden25-4-10-1397

The rhubarb plant was growing, yes, but taking it's sweet time about it. Pete weeded all around it, after I took the photo.

Garden25-4-10-1378 Garden25-4-10-1389

Sweet corn seedlings were planted out, and a protective cover assembled.


Pete planted companion marigolds in various spots around the garden, to attract pollinating insects and munch garden pests. Some went beneath the new apple tree, which has a few tiny buds appearing!

Garden25-4-10-1392 Garden25-4-10-1394

My chocolate mint, in a pot, resurrected itself, after dying away during the winter.


Again, the fig tree, in a large pot, is showing lots of tiny fruit, but these have never yet grown into proper ripe fruit. This is the tree's last chance. No fruit this year = banishment! (I said that last year too, so this year's already a reprieve and it better perform or else!)

Garden25-4-10-1415 Garden25-4-10-1427

Pete potted my three varieties of tomatoes into grow bags in the greenhouse. The rest of the seedlings will go outside, not just yet though.

Garden25-4-10-1416 Garden25-4-10-1418 Garden25-4-10-1419

Greenhouse seedlings are doing well. Above centre and right are purple sprouting broccoli.

Those big silver trays are what a range of Indian dishes were delivered in, when I got outside catering to provide food for a garden party for our wedding anniversary last year - in my parents' garden, not here! They make great seed trays!


These are lettuce seedlings.


The gherkin seedlings were planted into a large window box, to live in the greenhouse.


The area to back, in the middle strip, has sugar snaps at the very back. The covered and grassy bit will be home to the main crop potatoes soon. On the right, Pete's emptied the old grow bags and dug them in. And most of those cabbage "trees" are now gone.

Garden25-4-10-1399 Garden25-4-10-1403 Garden25-4-10-1401

These pretty weeds will soon be gone too, but for now they provide a burst of lovely colour and the insects like them.



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Wow - that's one very productive garden you have there! Such a lot of wonderful produce to look forward to... Lucky you!

Kavey said...
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Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Oh just look at your lovely big greenhouse! We have just a tiny little glass cabinet, made from a converted fish tank.. :)