Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Catalan Cooking Class

My friend Rachel, a wee Scot in London, is not just a font of information when it comes to Catalan culture and cooking, but also a passionate advocate of getting more of us cooking and eating it in our homes.

To that end, she's putting together a weekday evening cookery class teaching students some of her favourite dishes.

It's not just about learning though – students take an active role in the prepping and cooking process, and there's a whole lot of eating going on too. At the end of the class, everyone sits down and enjoys the fruits of their labours, with a glass or two of wine!

The classes are held in the kitchen of the wonderful Beas of Bloomsbury cake and tea shop.

Information on dates, prices and how to book are now available soon on Rachel's Catalan Cooking website.


Food Urchin said...

Despite her penchant for slapping me, I do like Rachel. Although when she slips effortlessly from Glaswegian to Spanish, that bamboozles the hell out of me. Might still have a crack at her classes though!

Caroline - Sugargrain said...

Hi, I'm def. interested. I lived in Barcelona for a year and can confirm that Catalan food is just wonderful. Pa amb Tomaquet, Romesco sauce, Spinach w/pinenuts, Black rice, a fresh cod terrine. Crema catala etc.

Please email me details of dates - thanks. Caroline - Sugargrain (on Twitter)

Paul Clements said...

I'd love to know about dates, too: paulclements on Twitter, or paul.clements@telegraph.co.uk
GrĂ cies, as they say

Foodycat said...

How wonderful! I'd love to do one!