Monday, 15 February 2010

Spicy Green Tomato Ketchup

We've been growing veg in our back garden for several years, increasing the varieties and volumes each year. In 2009 we ended up with an unexpectedly large number of tomato plants. Tomato plants which need sun to ripen. In a summer which didn't really give us much sun. At all!

Having had such lovely feedback on the first batch of spicy tomato ketchup I made back in July (to my grandfather's recipe, for sale on my one-off Covent Garden stall) I figured it would be even better (psychologically, if not taste-wise) if I made it with tomatoes grown by our own fair hands!

I didn't take any photos of the two batches I made in September, one red and one green.

But I made another really large batch with the several kilos of green tomatoes I finally accepted were never going to ripen and harvested in early October.

For some reason I forgot to blog it, but as I just found the photos and really like the recipe, I decided late is better than never!

I think I worked a little too hard when mashing the tomato through the sieve as the ketchup ended up with tiny but visible fragments of tomato seeds through it. These don't spoil the taste, or even the texture, on eating, but make it look less visually appealing than the two earlier batches.

The actual colour is greener, but I've messed up the white balance on these and didn't
manage to correct it properly when processing the images. Sorry!

The recipe I followed is my grandfather's one for spicy tomato ketchup, on Mamta's Kitchen. This recipe uses ripe red tomatoes. For green tomato ketchup, omit the optional red peppers and add extra sugar, to taste.


shayma said...

Kavey I havent seen you on twitter in ages, have you abandoned us? What happened to the marriage deal we had? :) I love spicy ANYTHING and if this condiment tastes as good as it sounds, I shall be slathering it on everything. x shayma

meemalee said...

I have heard so many people going on about how good this ketchup is - please, please can you bring me a bottle next time I see you? x

Kavey said...

Shayma, how could I abandon you? No, I've just been on holiday for past 4 weeks, and had NO internet access (can you imagine?!) I'm back now!

Meem, the lovely comments have been about the red tomato version, using the same recipe, and that's all used up but you're welcome to a jar of the green if you fancy it!

Choclette said...

Great idea for using green tomatoes - which is pretty much all we ever get!