Sunday, 28 February 2010

What ingredient can't you live without? The Food Debate for Haiti Earthquake Appeal

What ingredient can't you live without?

That's the topic we'll be deciding at The Food Debate.

And, for some insane reason I've long since forgotten, I signed up as a contender! Right now, I'm somewhat regretting that decision, and am very very nervous, especially now I know my contenders.

So what is this Food Debate, then?

Five us will argue the merits of our favourite food stuffs - the ingredients we can't live without. Food journalist, editor and publisher Tim Hayward is shouting out for pork, food writer and blogger Oliver Thring is on the side of salt, food blogger Charlie Nelson is raising the flag for eggs, food blogger Rachel McCormack is giving it up for olive oil.

And me? I'm eulogising cheese!

It's a balloon debate. Round 1 sees the five of us, with 3 minutes each, try to convince the audience that ours is the winning ingredient. Then the two least convincing candidates will battle for a minute each before one is knocked out. In round 2 the four of us still in the competition spar over a classic dish containing our ingredient. Round 3 opens us up to questions from the audience. Round 4 is a sudden death war between the two finalists!

The judging panel consists of the delectable Katy Salter and the gorgeous Rejina Sabur. I probably ought to get my bribes in quick sharp! ;)

The Food Debate takes place on Friday March 5th, at The Westbridge in Battersea, and the kitchen will be providing fuel for the fire - ox tongue fritters, potted duck, chorizo, ham hock terrine, squid and whitebait.

Tickets cost £10, proceeds go to the Haiti earthquake appeal.


Gordon said...

cheese gets my vote. You should get Aardman Animations to support you too!

veganefcliz said...

Salt and olive oil must be the main contenders. At some point in my life so far I'd have argued for all of the others, but have managed to give them up without missing them AT ALL. Couldn't say the same for oil or salt.

foxie said...

Well carp, we're booked that night, but it sounds like great fun! You shall have to tell us all about it.

meemalee said...

I'm coming! said...

you have no need to be nervous, I'm sure you will fight your corner like a pro! (and you know I'll do pretty much anything for a cheeseburger)