Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Month of Peas

In June we thrilled to the taste of our (first ever) home-grown sugarsnap peas, enjoying good yields eaten raw in crunchy, flavoursome salads.

July will be the month of our (first ever) regular peas!

We've been growing our own vegetables for several years now and have been enjoying savoy cabbage, leeks, tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes and sweetcorn for a long time. Each year we've increased not only the volume but the variety of what we sow. This year we've added the two varieties of peas not to mention parnsips. And it's only our second year for carrots, peppers and aubergines. Hopefully, I'll be able to share our harvest with you throughout the year, as well as some interesting recipes using all our produce!

On Monday evening, within minutes of my arriving home, Pete and I were out in the garden harvesting peas! We'd shared the peas from just one single pod a week previously and knew our peas were sweet and good!

Picking only a share of the many pods hanging pendulously on the plants, we returned indoors and started to shell. With superhuman willpower we resisted popping peas like candy as we shelled and I'm thus able to report that our first harvest provided us with a whopping 238 grams of beautiful peas!

I ate my share just as they were, unadorned and unadultered. Pete ate his portion lightly boiled with chocolate mint (from the garden) and butter.



goodshoeday said...

Wow you're doing well in the garden. everything we've tried except tomatoes has been munched by bugs when we merely turn our backs. Perhaps I should stick to collecting wild food instead.
Enjoy the peas :)

The Purple Foodie said...

This is just wonderful! I have for long wanted to have my own little space to grow my vegetables and go to my garden just before cooking them. Just look at the gorgeous peas! *'green' with envy*

Btw, you mentioned you're on twitter on foodieguide. Don't seem to find your twitter handle here. Would be awesome to keep in touch through it!

Joy said...

My peas are getting fatter! So lovely!

The Ginger Gourmand said...

How gorgeous are fresh peas?! I ate half a bag (alas no peas in my garden as yet....) with mum when I got home from work tonight. Freshly podded peas so rarely make it to the pan in our house.

We had a gorgeous dish at St John Bread & Wine last Saturday actually which was peas, pea shoots and ticklemore cheese with a lemon infused dressing. Really simple with perfect summer flavours.

Kavey said...

Oh that sounds fantastic!