Saturday, 18 July 2009

Golden Yellow Courgettes

W'eve been harvesting more beautiful produce from the garden!

Despite the mildewy leaves, the courgette plants seem to be fruiting happily. We picked three beautiful specimens, leaving a number of smaller fruits to grow bigger.

As you can see,the three courgettes came to a whopping 828 grams and we used them, chopped, in a huge pan of Thai red curry with chicken thighs and peas. We made enough to freeze portions for 6 more meals for 2 plus the one we've already eaten.



Karen J said...

Oh that sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful, vivid colour! You put them to excellent use and your garden sounds like a bountiful larder. Gorgeous post.

The Ginger Gourmand said...

They look stunning Kavey...I LOVE yellow courgettes. So pretty if you griddle some strips of green and yellow courgettes and serve them together squeeze of lemon juice or some toasted pinenuts and homemade tzatziki.

I bought some delicious ones from a street market in Cork when we were over there a few weeks ago. So fresh and sweet.

Kavey said...

Oh yes that would be a great presentation! We're only growing yellow though as we have some from our own seeds and some from mum's we have both regular long ones and spherical ones growing!

maureen said...

Hi Kavey, I just found your great blog whilst searching for 'how to' freeze courgettes. I still didn't find out how but found your post. So how do you freeze your courgettes, can you leave an answer for me on my blog. Thank you.
I am going to have a link to your blog on mine, so I can visit again.