Wednesday, 15 July 2009

And the winner is...

Having spent most of the day on my feet making chutneys, pickles, ketchups, sauces and jellies I'm now wondering why I didn't go to bed earlier last night and leave the draw until Friday!

But in a crazy fit of excitement I stayed up till just after midnight so that I could ensure that all entries were received, and then get on with drawing a winner.

All the names were listed in order of the comments being posted and then I simply used a random number generator tool to pick the winner for me.

I know the time stamp is wrong but it was after midnight UK time!

And the lucky winner is... Danny aka FoodUrchin aka Daisy! (Who managed to freak me out on twitter earlier today when he asked, with strange prescience, whether I knew who the winner was yet!)

Congratulations, Danny!

Danny wins a box of 12 Artisan du Chocolate Couture Collection chocolates. The box will contain two each of Banana & Thyme, Tobacco, Green Cardamom, Coriander Praline, Feuillantine and Verbena.*

Danny, please drop me a note with your postal address and I'll pass it on to Artisan du Chocolat who will assemble your box and post it directly to you. I hope you'll love the chocolates as much as I do!

*If any of these are unavailable on the day the box is assembled Artisan du Chocolat will substitute others from the Couture Collection.


AskCy said...

Well done Danny, you must let us know what you think of them... hard luck everyone else.. maybe next time..?...


Food Urchin said...

I don't know about this food blogging malarky, I need to get into the psychic business, move over Derek Acorah.

Thanks Kavey and thanks Artisan du Chocolat!

Debs said...

Congrats to Danny, think of me when you are enjoying them because Kavey banned me from entering (just because I live in Spain!), Will I ever forgive her? LOL