Thursday, 5 August 2010

July's Garden Bounties

I always love it when the garden starts giving us the rewards of our labours and July was a good month:

As well as the gherkins I've blogged about previously, we've been enjoying lots of sugar snap peas (straight from the plants or raw in crunchy, summery salads), lots of beautiful yellow globe courgettes (a large box of which made their way to Konstam where chef Oli Rowe served them with pan-roast Waltham Abbey chicken; so sad to learn about the closure), a handful of sweet cherry tomatoes and even the odd raspberry (which is surprising as we bought an autumn fruiting variety). Oh and potatoes, we've been harvested the first of the two early varieties which have been nice served simply boiled with butter and sometimes some chocolate mint, which surges back to life every spring.

Garden July2010-2732
lone raspberry

Garden July2010-8042

Garden July2010-8053
Garden July2010-8051 Garden July2010-8055 Garden July2010-8061 Garden July2010-8080

harvesting courgettes

Garden July2010-8060
sugar snap peas

Also growing well are sweetcorn and purple sprouting broccoli (though its leaves have been attacked, somewhat) and our new apple tree has all of two little apples growing slowly.

Garden July2010-8057 Garden July2010-2733 Garden July2010-8058


Wild Boar said...

Wow you got an allotment? I'm always in awe of people who can actually make plants grow. Even the potted coriander and mint the wife buys from Sainsbury's dies within a week of our brown thumbs.

Kavey said...

@WildBoar - we don't have an allotment (even though that's what I refer to it as) - it's our back garden - we've converted the whole plot to a kitchen garden. BUT we're hoping to also take an allotment plot too!