Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow Snow Gone Away But Please Come Back Another Day!

Luxuriating in not working at the moment (having taken several weeks off between contracts) I've been rather excited about the snow over recent weeks. To be honest, I always am, but that childish delight is usually tempered by the frustrations of trying to get to and from work on roads or public transport that's often brought to a standstill by the shock of winter weather! This time, I have been able to snuggle up at home or pull on waterproof snow boots for short treks to the supermarket and local restaurants, delighting in making footprints in fresh, untrodden snow!

Today, the snow has finally been melting away and my winter wonderland of white is virtually gone. I don't think I'll be preparing any salads just yet, though!

Here are a few images taken in the last couple of weeks:

Bye, bye, Snow!


Winton said...

And then the rain came and washed all the snow and ice away. Everyone talks about moving to a sunnier climate but actually I think I'd be happier migrating Northwards - herring, elk, reindeer, smorgasbord,,,,,,
My Mother always described me as 'cold blooded' but even I think after a few months I would need to migrate back South to thaw out.

Mamta said...

Beautiful picturess Kav, you have the eye! I specially like the 3rd one, it looks like a cotton plant, lovely!

Winton said...

I thought the third picture looked literally like giant snowdrops! Rather early though, my Father has just got some green shoots peeking out of the ground.

James B said...

I'm the same! I think snow brings out the child in all of us. Although I do share your thoughts on the difficulties it brings with transport. I had to work quite a few days from home (which I hated!), and made me want the snow to go. I then started to feel guilty and bad for betraying my love for snow! Hehe.

small cabin plans said...

Rain washed the snow all away! Now that I am beginning to like the pile of snow outside!

Neil said...

I Love Snow. There I said it.

Everyone seems to be 'against' it, but if your dress for it, and prepare it's all fun.

With snow, it can be snowing and cold but it doesn't matter.

The same can't be said for when it's raining, you get drenched; whether with or without an umbrella. The only difference being your head is dry.

I'd love to either be in a sunny place, or a cold snowy place, no rain thanks!