Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Who am I? Can you help?

As the 2 month anniversary of this blog fast approaches I think it's high time to introduce myself.

But rather than rambling away in my normal fashion I thought I'd ask my (trickle of) readers what you want to know about me?

Whether you're curious about what I ate growing up (being the daughter of Mamta of Mamta's Kitchen) or have questions about how my passions of food, travel and photography combine or want to know what my favourite (and most hated) foods are or would like me to share my cooking and restaurant top tips or simply want to know what I think about SPAM, please ask away.

Leave as many questions as you like in the comments to this post and I'll get thinking and writing soon!



Gill the Painter said...

I think of you as an artist, your being a photographer.

You've got me thinking about mine now, I'm a linguist but don't mention it anywhere (not that it matters).

I've probably got more comments for you later ...................

Heavenly Housewife said...

What foods make you the happiest when you eat them?

Anonymous said...

What is your earliest food memory?

Anne said...

Ok I have questions!

1) Do you have a favourite photo that you have taken, and if so...why?

2) Do you prefer to cook or be cooked for?

3) What food would you take to a desert island?

linda catarina said...


If you lost your sense of food you would miss the most?

when you are abroad what food do you miss back home?

What's your favourite meal from your travels?

Anonymous said...

OK, here are a couple of questions that occur to me:

- What do you think is the biggest fad ("must have") ingredient that is being pushed at the moment (i.e. the least worthwhile one)?

- What is your favourite easy-as-hell main course?

Anonymous said...

Kavey - if you were to cook for an Indian dignitary - what would you prepare ? ( and NO help from your mum, ok?!!)

TexasTitch said...

Do you have any embarrassing food/foodie moments from your youth?

Dena said...

Hi Kavey,

Having just read on the food board about you fogetting about school dinners. I was wondering how you felt when you first went to school. Coming from a house where spicy, flavourful food cooked by Mamta was the norm, it must have been a tremendous culture shock to be faced with the bland meals provided at most schools. How did you cope?

Ann/applelisa said...

What 3 course meal would you cook in the Masterchef final?

Which is your favourite Indian spice?

What's your guilty food pleasure? (This may have been answered in a past BBC board thread, but I didn't fancy trawling through!)

Anonymous said...

Most memorable meal?

What would you cook on Come Dine With Me?

Katie (ohsosweetkatie)

Kain said...

Hi Kavey

I know you eat a wide range of cuisines from all over the world, What is your favourite foodie country and what meal would you have there?

Mamta said...

What is it about food that fascinates you so, making you spend so much time exploring all aspects of it? For me, it is the preparation mostly. I enjoy eating different foods, but that is not the part that is most important. What is the most important aspect of it for you?

Dunlurkin said...

I imagine that you grew up eating mostly Indian food, but I know that you now eat a very wide range of foods. When and how did you make the transition?

midnightcowbo71 said...

few questions for you

first restaurant meal
first takeaway
favourite school dinner
worst school dinner
favourite ever dish
favourite restaurant
favourite country you have been to for food
country you would like to visit for food
best ever dish you have made
worst dish you have made
favourite starter
favourite main
favourite dessert
favourite fast food

Ickle becka said...

If your friends (or yourself!) were to sum you up as a dish, which dish would it be and why??

Helen Yuet Ling Pang said...

What's your favourite dish that your mum made for you while you were growing up? And have you learnt how to make it yourself!