Friday, 28 December 2007

French Chocolate Macaroons!

I've long loved French macaroons with their crispy shell, gooey interior and flavoursome filling - and indulged in quite a few during our fortnight in France a couple of months ago.

During that trip I purchased not one but two recipe books dedicated to the macaroon.

I've been planning to make some over the Christmas break and Pete and I finally made these beauties yesterday!

We're rather pleased with them!

The macaroon biscuits are much paler than those in the recipe book because I decided not to add food colouring, which appears in pretty much every recipe I've come across. And they are a touch flatter than those in the books, though only a little. I assume their mixture is a touch less liquid than ours was and so allows one to make slightly taller circles of goo on the baking sheet.

But the taste and texture is just perfect - had I bought these from a shop in France I'd not have been disappointed!!!

(And YES that photo really is of the ones we made!)

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