Monday, 14 August 2006

A lovely foodie Sunday!

For breakfast Pete baked frozen croissants and pains au chocolat - there's a farm shop not too far from us that sells properly made ones that have been frozen at the pre-rising stage. He just gets them out the night before, leaves them out to rise and bakes them the next day! YUM!

For lunch he baked a couple of home-made baguettes (yes, made from scratch) and made his fabulous french onion soup (also from scratch) which we had with some grated gruyere cheese we'd brought back from France last year and still had in the freezer - because it's grated it thaws as you drop the grated fragments into something hot like soup so you don't need to defrost it before use.

In the afternoon Pete made a wonderful lemon drizzle cake. I'd seen the recipe in a magazine on Friday and mentioned how delicious it looked. So he decided to cook it! :D The sponge itself was a normal sponge recipe with the addition of lots of lemon zest (I did lots of zesting). The filling was home-made lemon curd mixed with mascarpone. And before the filling was put in, the sponge was skewered and lots of lemon juice (I did lots of squeezing) and sugar syrup was drizzled over to soak through and into the sponge. Oh my!

For dinner Pete did a simple roast - a prepared chicken breast from Waitrose that has butter and seasoning added for you and cooks to the most moist and wonderful tasting finish with some gorgeous roast potatoes. We didn't bother with the greens as the cabbage in the fridge from last weeks veggie box looked rather the worse for wear and we weren't that fussed anyway since we new we were going to have the lemon cake for dessert.

Oh yummy day!

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