Thursday, 20 October 2011

Launching with the Great Alcoholic Ginger Beer Taste Test!

I can hardly believe it was well over a year ago when I first introduced Pete Drinks to Kavey Eats. Since then, Pete's written fifty posts for the blog, mostly beer reviews such as Finchley Ales IPA, Marble Brewery Tour At Home and Kernel Brewery Tour At Home.

When he first started, he was tentative… not sure whether he'd keep it going very long, just like me when I started Kavey Eats… not sure whether he'd enjoy it or find much to write about. But now he's definitely "found his voice", as they say and, in my opinion, his writing gets better and better.

So it's with very great pleasure that Kavey Eats waves goodbye to Pete Drinks... and introduces you to, where Pete will be posting his content from now on.

As some of you know, we recently held a taste test of Alcoholic Ginger Beers, along the lines of the Christmas Pudding taste test and the Easter Egg Review.


So, without further ado, Pete Drinks: The Great Alcoholic Ginger Beer Taste Test!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations Pete! Looking forward to following your new blog.