Friday, 28 October 2011

Kavey Art!

I've recently had two rather spiffing artworks created for or about me and I'm thrilled with both.

The first is by the truly talented irkafirka – Nick Hilditch and Chris Bell. Irkafirka take inspiration from the millions and millions of wonderfully random utterings on twitter, choosing one a day to illustrate in the unique and much loved irkafirka way.

I've been a huge fan of irkafirka for the longest time and have been hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping to be firked for just as long. Finally, my waiting is over!

@KaveyF smaller

And because I am a demanding individual (yes, I know I am, it's OK, you can say it), the magnificent men at irkafirka HQ have now put on sale these marvellous Tea Ninja mugs (with the text removed so it could be any Tea Ninja, even your own). And prints too!

irkafirka tea ninja mug

And second, I share a mind-boggling creation from Free Crappy Portraits. I discovered FCP via The Larder, a fellow food blogger based in Stirling, Scotland.

The idea is to send a picture of yourself, as well as some information about you – anything you like from a "list of your favorite cheeses, a tale about the ever-elusive Sasquatch, or a haiku about roller disco" – and FCP will assign one of their "terrible artists" to your commission and send you the result.

Here's mine! Cute, no?


Did these get your creative juices going? Don't forget I'm still searching for a new look for Kavey Eats, with a fabulous foodie prize for the winner!


Lisa said...

I love that mug! That's brilliant.

The Grubworm said...

That mug is ace! I want a tea ninja to surreptitiously pour my tea when I'm not looking. Props to Pete, I reckon it must take a lifetime of training to get to that stage of ninja-hood.

tori said...

Fantastic stuff- I love the crappy portraits- they'd make fantastic birthday cards...thank you!

celia said...

What a brilliant mug - love the tea ninja artwork! I hope you got them both framed, Kaves!

Hanna @ Swedish Meatball said...

The tea ninja is incredible - woaaaa! I'd like one too.

Gourmet Chick said...

Kavey the tea ninja is just fantastic - I am obsessed!

WizzyTheStick said...

How awesome! Love the tea ninja mug.

Travel Volunteer said...

HI Kavey, thanks for the kind words on our blog and if you like Ninjas you'll love Day 45's post!

Enjoy! :)