Sunday, 9 October 2011

Design a New Banner for Kavey Eats & Learn to Cook with Mamta's Kitchen

Kavey Eats is long due a redesign.


I'll be moving from blogspot to self-hosted Wordpress. I've been planning it for over a year, and have had the new layout and navigation nailed for almost as long.

But I've been struggling to come up with a look, centred around a beautiful banner image that conveys not only the title and tagline but a bit about me and my blog. From that will flow the design of the rest of the site, including colours, buttons and everything else.

So I've decided to ask for help.

And as an added incentive, I'm offering a really great prize to the person who comes up with a design that fits the bill.

If I choose your design for my blog, you win a free place on an upcoming Mamta's Kitchen cookery class.

Mamta's Kitchen classes are small in size, and take place in a domestic kitchen, in mum's home in Luton. They usually run from 11.30 to about 8pm during which time students learn how to make lots of delicious dishes, which they enjoy for lunch and dinner, along with snacks and drinks during the day. Thus far, classes have focused on cooking Indian meals, but we're planning future classes on pickles and chutneys, on Indian breads and more.

The banner design can be a text-only one, it can be mostly an artwork / graphic, it can include a portrait of me or not. I'm completely open to all suggestions.

I do have some very rough thoughts on a colour scheme, though only loosely and not set on paper let alone in stone. I can point at sites that have elements that I like. So if you do want that kind of input, please email me directly with your questions and I'll do my best to oblige.

Alternatively, you're welcome to work unencumbered by any of that and see what you can come up with.

Here is a sketch of the layout I'll be using. You can see that I'm looking for a full width banner design for the space in which I'm showing blog title and tagline. I want some buttons above and some below the banner. And I'll be using a two or three column layout for the main body of the content.


Here are a couple of my favourite pictures of me, should that help in any way.

0C5K2060-1 AngryKV ingo kaveycarousel-savedforweb Kavey by Alan KaveyPizza (Alan)

Now, it's over to you!

Send in your entries by email.

Please note that no suitable designs were received by the original October 31st deadline, so I'm extending to the end of November.

Please note, if none of the designs submitted are suitable, the prize will not be awarded. If I broadly like your design but need to make or request small tweaks, the prize will be yours.

(The prize does not include travel or accommodation, however I am happy to collect and drop from Luton train station).


celia said...

Hahaha...I'll enter and win, and you'll have to fly me to the UK! :) Just kidding, Kave, but can I just say how cute you look in the photos! Love it! :)

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Kavey
Good morning Celia.

I would propose that your banner have an Indian flow to it.
Have a look at some of yours and your family saris (I hope I've spelt that right), and use a favourite design as a background graphic.
Faded and subtle
spanning the banner length.

I don't mean gold elephants and map of India stuff. Just a limited colour palette background.

Two or three of your favourite images to the left
& youe name and title middle to right.


Gill the Painter said...

I forgot to add. Something that can be mirrored on your favicon to.

Kavey said...

Ha, Celia, you missed the last line, then? I reckon it's high time you and the mens came on holiday to London anyway!

Gill, thank you, some great ideas!

Kavey said...

Thanks Gill!
Whilst I'm happy to have some Indian aspect to the design, I'm not looking for something overtly so, as very little of my blog content and eating habits are Indian.
It's a much wider content, with restaurant reviews, cookery book reviews, recipes (few of which are Indian), growing one's own produce, attending food festivals.
So probably looking for something that represents that much wider content.
x x x

celia said...

I didn't miss it, I just figured you'd make an exception for me! Hahaha...

I think Grilly's idea about the saris is a great one! And I love that strict, "what do you mean you got an A- in your maths paper?" photo of you.. :)

Gill the Painter said...

Hello again Celia.
I thought of it as I saw a picture of your grandmother some years ago Kavey.

In vivid beautiful colours in Delhi.

And, as it has still stuck in my mind, then the colours may stick in the mind of others on the banner.
A phthalo blue sari it was.

Your mother may know which image I mean.

No worries as it's not what you are looking for, but I didn't mean an Indian theme.
Just using what means something to you and things close to you - or me in this case.

Good luck with the other suggestions!

Kavey said...

Ooh Gill, yes I see what you mean.
I will have a look through some family photos and see what colourschemes inspire me.
Thanks again.

Celia, haaa!

Mamta said...

I like the second picture best, I remember that expression so well!! For the blog though, the last one is probably best, shows you making something to eat.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool competition! Sadly my design skills are distinctly lacking so I'm not going even going to attempt anything, but wanted to say welcome (in advance) to wordpress - it's so simple and easy to use and would definitely recommend!

Seabird said...

I would like to win this prize but I lack the required skills.

I would therefore appreciate any tips on cheating :-)

Kavey said...

Ha haaa, that made me smile. No cheating, as the only way to win is to create and submit a design that I go on to use!!!

Fuss Free Helen said...

Great graphics are so important to a site aren't they?

I cannot even pretend I can offer to help as I lack the required skills, and am ever grateful to Sarah's lovely husband who did my graphic design on my banner and FB badge for me. Paid for in kind by several days of help for her book photoshoot!

This may amuse you, as to the good / affrodable / speedy graphic design dilemma!

shery said...

Hello Kavey !
i can make a very nice design for you , high end affordable and the quality of work will speak
lemme know if you are interested .