Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mamta's Kitchen Cookery Class - Pescetarian, Vegetarian or…?

In our previous Mamta's Kitchen cookery classes we've made a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes which proved very popular with our students so far.

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For our next class we are considering offering a pescetarian or fully vegetarian class instead.

This will depend on demand.

The date has tentatively been scheduled for the 5th November.

Please email me as soon as possible if you are interested in attending and have a preference on whether the class should be as previous, pescetarian or vegetarian.

From our first class, we made a donation of over £200 to the Khushboo Welfare Society. From our second class we donated approximately £250 to the MS Society. Once again, we will choose a charity and make a sizeable donation from the proceeds of this third class.

For information on future courses you can also subscribe to our email mailing list. (The list will only be used to send you information about Mamta's Kitchen Cooking Classes and nothing else).


celia said...

If I was a vegetarian, I would probably subsist totally in Indian cuisine! There's so much on offer!

The next class sounds exciting, Kavey! :)

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