Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Berry Delights


Every few days, Pete harvests a handful of plump sweet raspberries and tiny wild strawberries from the back garden.

The raspberries have that perfect balance between tart and sweet and that special flavour that distinguishes them from their fellow Rubus fruits.

The teeny tiny wild strawberries in particular are a revelation; the flavour is very different to the domesticated strawberries we're all familiar with; to me, it's reminiscent of bubble gum and perfume.



Nordic Nibbler said...

What lovely bounty your garden produces! Don't get me started on berries; they're a national obsession here in Norway and I love them all!

I know what you mean about wild strawberries - much more floral and delicate. They're also great to mix with regular strawberries when making jam.

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

ooh, I love that bubble-gummy smell that wild strawbs have... how delightful!

Kavey said...

Nordic Nibbler, we planted just a few small plants last year, which a friend dug up and gave me. This year they'd spread across a decent area, so hopefully next year they'll spread more and we'll get enough to make a jam. I might try one mixed with regular strawberries and one all wild only!

Dom, yes it's such a different smell and taste, isn't it?

Chocoralie said...

This is something I definitely miss from France - the different varieties of strawberries everywhere, accessible to everyone... Their tastes are gorgeous!

bethan said...

These fruits picked straight off the bush and popped in the mouth just instantly remind me of following my Granddad around the garden. He always had the Japanese wineberry clambering along a back wall and those will always be the best off all the natural bubble gums or sweets!

Kavey said...

Chocaralie, you can buy different varieties but often supermarkets prioritise uniformity and shelf-life over flavour and variety. :(

Bethan, isn't it wonderful how little things trigger big memories?