Friday, 1 April 2011

Make A Wish To The Fairy Hobmother!

I didn’t blow out candles on a cake.

I didn’t rub a magic lamp.

I didn’t throw a penny into the wishing well.

I didn’t blow dandelion seeds into the wind.

I didn’t find a four-leafed clover.

I didn’t break a wishbone.

I didn’t clutch a lucky horseshoe.

I didn’t wish upon a star.

And yet, a kindly fairy found me and granted me a wish!

The Fairy Hobmother works for Appliances Online, a web retailer of cookers and other household appliances and has such a fun job, granting wishes and spreading happiness.

Helen wished for a stand mixer with dough hooks and her wish was quickly granted. She wrote all about it, inviting her readers to make their own wishes in her comments.

Having attended a pasta and risotto making course with Hubbub just a few days earlier, I wished for a pasta making attachment for my handsome KitchenAid, Intergalactic Unicorn.

kitchenaid kitchenaid kpra

And it really made my day to receive a surprise email from the Fairy Hobmother granting my wish and offering me the chance to pass it forward! My pasta attachment set arrived yesterday, just in time for my 2nd blog birthday, this weekend, and I can't wait to start using it!

For the chance to have your wish granted by the Fairy Hobmother, please leave a comment below explaining what you’d like and why.

You don’t have to restrict your wishes to items that Appliances Online sell, by the way – you can wish for any appliance you like! The Fairy Hobmother has already sent out a slow cooker, a television, a washing machine and a Tefal Actifry, to name a few, and you already know about Helen’s stand mixer and my pasta making attachment!

You can also make your wish via twitter. Make sure you include all three of these twitter IDs in your tweet: @kaveyf @AppOnline @Ian_Goodall.

Good luck!

(This is a genuine post, not an April Fool's joke – go ahead and make your wishes!)

I leave you with a little XKCD, one of my favourite comic strips.


"That was definitely not in my top three wishes". "Who said anything about YOUR wishes?"


Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours said...

Wow, well done - you are the 4th that I know of from my post.

Surely you will be getting some "outraged of Tunbridge Wells" over that cartoon? Which is very funny!

Edafe Onerhime said...


I would love a cupcake maker actually, one that makes full size ones easily. Putting the oven on always seems like such an environmentally unfriendly option for someone who bakes rarely.

Plus, I love cupcakes :)


carole said...

I wish for a new washing machine! Sadly my very, very old one keeps spewing out black gunk all over my clothes no matter how much I clean it inside and out.

Summer is approaching and I am dreading the thought of black gunk all over my lovely whites :(

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

well, as you know, I also celebrate my blog birthday this weekend and I have now reached a point in my blog life where I really need a mixer of my own, something like a kitchenaid would be great but any brand of table top mixer would do... I just can't go on with a hand held any longer... so please Fairy Hobmother, grant me my wish xxx

Nordic Nibbler said...

What a lovely job the Fairy Hobmother (I keep saying that as Hairy Fobmother for some reason) must have. Great idea to get a pasta attachment Kavey, much easier than the hand cranked ones.

We eat rice quite often in our household, usually as part of our mid-week dinner. I've always cooked it on the hob, but have hankered after an automatic rice cooker for a while. I see them used all over Asia and I think it would be one kitchen gadget that actually earns its keep.

PurpleLuv said...

Please Fairy Hobmother, I would love a mince attachehment for my KitchenAid KSM156BCA Artisan Mixer , save having to put up with low quality pre-minced meat.

groovybusybee said...

Oh Fairy Hobmother I would love a food processor - any make or model I'm not proud!

Stacey said...

Dear Fairy Hobmother

I would LOVE a KitchenAid mixer or something similar (I'm not proud). I have drooled over them for years wishing and hoping that I could get one.

Thank you

Foodies Heaven said...

Dear Fairy Hobmother
Please may I have a Sous Vide Supreme, pleaese.
Many thanks

Suelle said...

All I need is a good toaster, with deep slots, which will take standard slices of bread without trimming them or having to turn them over partway through toasting. One which could toast either two or four slices would be good too! I believe, although I've never tried one, that a Dualit toaster would fit the bill quite well!

Su-yin said...

Oh Fairy Hobmother, I would love a pasta making attachment to go with my beloved KitchenAid!

Selena said...

Having wished upon many a star without luck I'd like to ask the Fairy Hobmother for a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer please!

4dogsagain said...

I would like a mandolin. I can't find one in any of our local shops.

Jude said...

I would love a new Pannini Press Fairy Hobmother. My student son nicked mine (after he had practically ruined the non-stick plates in his eagerness to scrape off every last bit of cheese).

I can't justify the cost or the calories to replace it myself.

Mwah mwah. ;)

suffolk said...

Oh Fairy Hobmother, I used to have a big Kenwood Chef food mixer on a stand with a sausage making attachment - but when I left I somehow didn't get custardy ;-) of it and he gave it to our daughter who loved and still loves cooking. I couldn't ask her for it back because with it her cooking found the way to her fiancés heart, but oh how I miss it :-(

BeccaRothwell said...

I wished on Helen's blog but sadly the Fairy Hobmother hasn't granted my wish yet. So I'll wish again - oh wonderful and generous Fairy Hobmother pretty please can I have a new stick blender/hand whisk attachment set do-dah. The one I have has broken and I can't afford to replace it, rendering cake making, smoothie making and other such things a decidedly more awkward process.

Also it's my blog's first birthday on April the 6th too. It seems this time of year is a good time for blogs to be born!

Anonymous said...

Oh Fairy Hobmother, I am not wishing for much as I am happy with what I have even though it is not really very much. But I would so much love a Tefal Actifry so I can make fried chicken and chips and things without having the worry of hot oil catching fire again.

But you don't know who I am so won't be able to make my wish come true, will you.

I am so sad now.

Maggie said...

Fairy Hobmother - I'd love a new Panasonic Breadmaker because it has an automatic fruit/seed/nut dispenser which is very useful. Also I love the smell of bread cooking, which makes me very, very happy!

Pip said...

My dream wish would be for a Turbomix but that's just a dream. Back in the real world I pondered long and hard - after 40+ years of cooking you don't need much - but then I relised summer was on the way.
I'd love either a mobile induction hob that i could use on the patio when eating outside, or a gas plancha for cooking stuff that's not so easy on the barbie or lastly I love paella but the pan takes up a lot of room on the stove, so I'd love a paella gas ring with stand.
How greedy to name so many but it does give the kind donator more choice.

BribedwithFood said...

Dear Fairy HobMother,

I would really like an ice-cream maker.
My most favouritest ice-cream flavour is coffee, but I have had to give it up since discovering a strong intolerance to caffeine.
This makes me sad - :(

If you granted my wish and I had an ice-cream maker I could then make coffee ice-cream that is decaf and I would get back my most favouritest ice-cream thing in the world.
This would make me happy - :)

Thank you very much.
Carla (31 1/2 years-old)

Lisa said...

Dearest Fairy Hobmother.

I think the time has come to ask for a new oven. My old one has been so faithful, and yet now...oh the edges of things are burning and her temperature has gone all spiky and fluctuates. I'm not sure the fan is what it used to be.

I expect it is the oven menopause.

However, I shall remain her careful owner if that is the way it is meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fairyhobmother, i would like a kitchenaid mixer or similar with dough hooks so i can cook for myself as well as my mum which would be easier than a whisk for her, perhaps as a belated 80th birthday present.

Thankyou and here`s wishing.


terryhicky said...

Dear fairy godmother
I would love a new Chefs blowtorch as mine has just died on me
thank you

Odette said...

Dear FHB, A kitchen Aid mixer with all the bells and whistles for my niece Cleo Carmen who's at uni in Leeds - she's a budding great cook!

The kitchen princess diaries said...

Hello fairy hobmother, I can not think of anything I need. But I do know my friend Caz needs a new tumble dryer so am passing my wish to her.

Fiona said...

I would love the fairy hobvmother to grant me the wish of a Panasonic NNA750W combination microwave oven. Because the old combination oven I have is now getting very old and is ready to retire to that great kitchen in the sky. It has already began to reduce efficiency which is a shame because it has been a great piece of equipment.

paulie said...

hello there, i'd rather like a rather posh electric oven as i rather think i haven't got one!

paulie said...

oh, and i've just realised that you rather need a means of getting hold of my rather lovely bod so here tis:, or @pppepys on the twit

Becka said...

Oooh, how wonderful!!!

Dearest Fairy Hobmother,
We're moving into our first house this weekend and one thing I really need is a nice new Dyson to help me keep the new place clean and shiny!! *looks hopeful*
I could even teach the OH how to use it... ;)
Thankyou in advance!!

Annie said...

Dear Fairy Hobmother,
A red KitchenAid mixer please! I have hankered after one for a long time, but can't quite justify the cost...

Odette said...

Dear FHB, If you choose my niece Cleo Carmen, this is where we can be reached: viridianchile (at) aol dot com.

Rosie said...

Dear Fairy Hobmother
I really would love some saucepans to go on my new single induction hob as my current ones don't work on it, so please choose me!

Mary J said...

Oh Great Fairy Hobmother
I would love a kenwood chef - have wanted one for years and it would be a great help when I'm making cakes for our village cake stall.

Rosie said...

Dear Fairy Hobmother I forgot to put my email address, silly me! rosiethegood [at] hotmail dot com

I do hope you choose me as I'm a bit miserable at the moment. said...

Dear Fairy Hobmother
I would love an Actifry - I love chips - golden brown on the outside and soft and melting on the inside. Sinful but soooooooo good. Please choose me so that I can be sinful on a regular basis. Your very naughty hobchild.

carol said...

My wish would be for a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. That would be dream come true.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh my! The Fairy Hobmother is everywhere, everywhere!!! I found you while looking at other blogs that have been visited by the Fairy Hobmother and wanted to see what you would have chosen as a wish. How fun! I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer...just so many things to choose from!

Blessings & Aloha! fun meeting you through blog hopping around seeing what wonderful places and people that the Fariy Hobmother has visited with.

Willow Cottage said...

I would love a cake plate on a stand with lid on it - like what you see in a cafe!

I spotted you on the quince tree first and have been following you around a little - brilliant idea!

Lizzie said...

Dearest Fairy HobMother,
I would like a giant cupcake maker to make giant cupcakes for all my family and friends! Would make great birthday or Christmas cupcakes! xxx

Kavey said...

Hi folks, please note this post is from April and while there was never any deadline, a number of wishes have been granted, and it's unlikely the fairy is still monitoring requests here!


Anonymous said...

Well, those who are still wishing for a Kitchenaid Mixer can go to amazon or follow the link.
Merry Christmas to every foodie out there.