Friday, 4 March 2011

Thanking my mum (and yours), with the help of Interflora

I love my mum. She (and Pops) gave my sister and I the most amazing childhood and a great start in life. From them we learned to appreciate ourselves and others, we learned the importance of education and self-improvement, we learned about the big wide world and the amazing diversity that can be found within it, we learned to socialise and spend wonderful times with dear friends, we learned to appreciate good food from around the world...

From mum specifically, we learned how to be strong, successful women, balancing impressive careers with balanced home lives, we learned about cooking and hospitality and putting people at ease, we learned how to nurture plants - mum gave us our own little areas in the garden and helped us to grow our chosen flowers and vegetables.

Of course, like all mums, my ma does drive me potty sometimes with plenty of nagging about my messy house and my excess weight… but, that doesn't detract (too much) from the rest! Even now, with my 40th birthday only months away, she and Pop still look out for my sister and I and always have our best interests at heart.

So, I have a lot to thank my mum for when it comes to Mothering Sunday, which falls on April 3rd this year.

I'm calling on Interflora to help me say thank you and remind her that I love her very much.

Interflora needs little introduction to most of us; many of us have turned to the international brand to send flowers for birthdays and anniversaries, to wish friends well in new homes or jobs, to send the message that we hope they feel better soon or even just to cheer them up on a rainy day. And many of us will surely turn to them again to send mothers day flowers and mothers day gifts. I'd suggest you also check out their other categories, as some of my favourite bouquets aren't included in the mothers day listings.

As well as flowers, don't forget that Interflora also offer a wide range of hampers including food and drink selections, personalised biscuits and cupcakes and even jars of sweets. I tried one of their hampers a couple of years back and found it pretty decent for the price. Certainly there are more luxurious hampers from suppliers such as Fortnum & Mason and Forman & Field, but of course, these are correspondingly more expensive!

My mum has the proverbial green fingers and she's a fruit lover so I've chosen a beautiful azalea plant and a basket of fresh fruit to send her.

interflora2011mothersday azalea interflora2011mothersday fruitbasket


To share the love with my readers, I'm offering one reader a beautiful Interflora prize which you can have sent to anyone you like (including yourself) though I'd like to suggest you send it to your mum.

interflora2011mothersday amorehamper

The Amore Hamper (worth £55) comes in a wicker basket and includes a bottle of champagne, a milk chocolate love heart plaque, Belgian truffles, milk chocolate buttons and Scottish almond and vanilla biscuits.

How to enter

  1. Leave a comment on this post sharing something lovely about your mum – it could be a childhood memory, something special you learned from her, a funny saying or habit she has, a recipe she cooks for you...
    Please ensure you leave your email address* in the field provided or in the body of your comment. Entries without any means of contacting the winner will not be included in the draw.
  2. Enter on twitter by tweeting the following:
    I'd love to win an Interflora gift for my mum! Check out for details: #kaveyeatsinterfloramum


  • The prize can be delivered to UK residents only. Non UK residents are welcome to enter, if they'd like to win the prize for delivery to a UK address.
  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Monday 21st March 2011.
  • The prize is an Interflora Amore Hamper. The prize cannot redeemed for cash. The prize will be provided and delivered by Interflora. Interflora reserve the right to offer a prize of similar/ greater value if the specified prize is out of stock.
  • A winner will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • The winner will be notified by email or twitter by Tuesday 22 March and asked to provide a delivery address. If no response is received by Thursday 24 March, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

*If you don't have a secondary email address already and are nervous about sharing your main email address on the internet, why not set up a new free email account on hotmail, gmail or yahoo, that you can use to enter competitions like this?


Josordoni said...

Ah, my mum taught me to cook. I cooked my first roast dinner all by myself when I was 12, and my first fancy dinner party when I was 16 (way back in 1971..).

She was amazing. We were poor as churchmice, but she managed to hold her patience as I split the custard for the iced souffle twice before she reluctantly took over to avoid wasting the last 6 of the 18 eggs we had in the house.

But she still let me take the entire applause when I presented it to the gathered throng of family and friends.

Generosity carefully slaked with prudence. A lovely heritage.

Josordoni said...

I *think* my email is in the profile I used for the comment, but I can't see to check. So here it is for ease of reference

Laura said...

My mum taught me to enjoy life and not take it so seriously. The silliest things make my mum laugh and she enjoys everything in her life and lives it to the full. She is kind, compassionate and always puts others first. She deserves a nice treat and although we'll get her something lovely anyway, it would be nice to spoil her with this lovely hamper!
I've tweeted too @lauracymft lilw2(AT)hotmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

My Mum is my best mate and always has been.

My Dad died the year of my o'levels and my Brother was fighting in the Falklands War at the time too but she kept everything together for me.

She had her 80th birthday this year but she is still just the greatest fun and I would love to win it for her to say thank you for a wondeful childhood and for teachin everything I needed to know for brining my kiddies up.

@kikicomp - have tweeted too

Louise said...

my mum makes a lovely gingerbread from a 70s Woman's Weekly recipe

Heavenly Housewife said...

My mom is so fun and childlike, growing up I really thought I had the best mom in the whole world. I love her so much. I remember feeling that i was really special to have such a fun and happy mom.
*kisses* HH

Anonymous said...

My Mum's cooking has been described by her as 'turn stove on, put pan on, put oil in pan, then open the fridge to see what you're making': she's a love of easy and inventive food and she put up with 3 children's separate dislikes for far too long. I've benefited from her experiment and make it up as you go along approach in my own attempts at cooking, and I love cooking for her now when at home cos I can make it spicy and surprise her!

Craftilicious said...

My mum taught me how to bake - chocolate cake with spiders web decoration was wheeled out every birthday without fail (fancy isn't her style!) She still makes the best pancakes so can't wait for 6pm tonight! craftilicious at rocketmail dot com

Anneg said...

My Mum's never been the biggest gourmand but after talking to friends about food routines from their childhood I realise how lucky I was to have a Mum who could fit making a round of pikelets (Aussie term for small pancakes)or banana bread in of an afternoon after school and inbetween work. Parenting is hard and mostly thankless task as it is without cooking from scratch for 5 every night and yet she did it without fuss or fury. I am in awe. Thanks Mum.

hughese6 said...

A favourite childhood memory of my mother is of her cooking in a shower cap to stop the cooking smells getting on her hair. LOL

hughese6 said...

Tweeted too @ericahughes

Anonymous said...

My Mum is the loveliest, most patient person I know. She has the amazing knack of getting straight to the heart of a problem and always gives balanced and reasoned advice. She is a fab granny to my niece and nephew who adore her and definitely deserves a mothers' day treat!

Suze x (

An Open Book said...

my mom is my good friend and till today i speak to her for hours even if it is on the phone...and the fact that shes there for me whenever i need her makes me feel everythings fine.