Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thorntons Fruit & Chocolate Blocks

I've reviewed some of Thorntons' chocolate blocks before. I have rather a big soft spot for the coconut and lime white chocolate one!


Since I tasted the last selection, several new flavours have been launched, including a number of fruit ones.

ThorntonsFruitBlocks-5837 ThorntonsFruitBlocks-5840

First up, the "Born To Share" Milk Chocolate with Mango block – a limited edition being sold in support of Save The Children. 91 pence from each bar sold is helping to provide education resources for children in Haiti.

The chocolate itself is 37% cocoa sourced from Haiti, another way of supporting economic recovery in this earthquake-ravaged country.

The chocolate contains decent chunks of chewy fruit, which can be clearly seen when you break the bar into pieces. At first, I can feel the chewy texture but detect little mango flavour, and am disappointed. However, as I continue to finish my first mouthful, the distinctive sweet-sour flavour of dried mango finally makes an appearance. I like it!

This is an easy eating milk chocolate bar with a subtle flavour note of dried mango. Some might not like the feel of chewy bits of mango stuck in their teeth, but as an avid dried fruit eater, I'm used to it!

ThorntonsFruitBlocks-5838 ThorntonsFruitBlocks-5843

Next, the Dark Chocolate with Apricot block, made with Fair Trade organic 55% cocoa.

The low cocoa content makes this a very sweet dark chocolate, very reminiscent of Cadbury's Bournville, though with a nicer flavour.

The chewy chunks of apricot are more prevalent in this than the mango pieces in the previous block. Again, the fruit flavour comes through more clearly as one finishes the mouthful. It's also stronger in some bites than others; perhaps the batch of apricots are quite varied in their intensity of flavour.

To my surprise, I finished more of this block than expected!

ThorntonsFruitBlocks-5839 ThorntonsFruitBlocks-5845

Last up, the Milk Chocolate with Banana block, made with Fair Trade organic 37% cocoa.

On breaking the block into pieces, I can't see any obvious pieces of dried banana at all. But popping a piece into my mouth and the banana flavour explodes straight away.

Unlike the other blocks, you don't have two distinct flavours of chocolate and fruit but one combined flavour.

And it's very much a cooked banana flavour, rather than a raw one. This is to be expected, given the use of dried banana in the ingredients.

It's pretty intense, like a concentrated chocolate and banana muffin or a baked banana with melted chocolate. I don't think I could eat a lot at a time, but that's no bad thing!

* * *

Thank you to my friend Dom, who gave me the apricot block and the banana one. Thanks to Thorntons for the review sample of their Mango block.


Foodycat said...

I like the sound of the apricot one!

Lisa said...

I have the Mango one in my drawer at work. It's going to be my treat to myself for going back into work on Monday.