Monday, 17 January 2011

The Hedebogård Spice & Herb Challenge: Part I

Back in November, I enjoyed a convivial brunch date with a bunch of fellow food blogging ladies, at Village East. We girls chatted, laughed and ate and had a marvellous time!

I wanted to take along some food-related gifts but they had to be small and lightweight, as Pete and I were staying in a Central London hotel overnight and then spending a couple of hours walking around Borough Market, before the gathering. Whatever I chose, I needed to be able to carry it with me, and I'm not much of a packhorse!

My local Tiger shop came to the rescue with it's huge selection of unusual spice and herb packs by Danish company, Hedebogård.

I picked a selection of different packs and wrapped them up in tissue paper, inserting a little note into each one, inviting my friends to create a recipe using their randomly assigned ingredient.

Here's what the gang came up with; I am impressed!

spice challenge meeta

Meeta made pretty Lemon Pepper Hazelnut Macarons with Lemon Curd & Goat Cheese Cream

spice challenge jeanne

Jeanne cooked up this unctuous Prawn & Lemon Pepper Risotto

spice challenge michele

Michele's dish didn't work out but she bravely blogged On Things Not Going According to Plan anyway

spice challenge sarah

Sarah's Rapid Ragu looks like a quick supper winter warmer

spice challenge jamie

Jamie made unusual Salty Savory Sweet Vegetable Macarons with Chili Chocolate Ganache

As you can see, not all of us got our act together in time for my suggested mid-January deadline, so I'll post again soon to add the rest of the blog posts (including my own)!


Jeanne @ Cooksister! said...

We're a diverse lot, aren't we??! Who would have pictured all of those ideas emanating from a bag of spices? Such a great idea of yours, Kavey - I think we all really enjoyed the challenge and I LOVE my spice! Thank you :)

Jamie said...

I think that the next event like this we should be able to get together and have a meal with everything we made! Kavey, this was a thoughtful and brilliant challenge and I so loved baking and cooking as a group! Thanks so very much and I am looking forward to another event like this! xo

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Thanks for the spices Kavey, I'd not heard of Hedebogård before and I will look out for them in future. I look forward to seeing the other entries!

MeetaK said...

A great challenge you put us all to Kavey! The challenge allowed us to reminisce about the great afternoon we spent together. Thanks!

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

what a lovely get-together, please count me in next time... love all the different things you came up with, can't wait to see the rest... x

Chele said...

What a lovely idea! And it is so nice to see what everyone did with the gift too ;0)

Kavey said...

Jeanne, Jamie, Sarah, Meeta, thank you so much for participating, and Michele too. I loved what you did with your spices, all of you! Such diverse ideas and loved the resulting blog posts!

Dom, this was an all girls GTG but you'd be welcome at any mixed one! ;)

Chele, thank you, yes I loved their efforts!